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Q: How do I make the transition from a product manager to a growth PM? I’m a recent graduate with no technical background (from business school), and I’m new to PM and wondering how I make the transition into a growth-focused role.

Though the difference between a regular PM and a “growth PM” isn’t as big as you may think—most PMs are responsible for driving business growth one way or another—there are indeed roles where your job is solely to drive growth. A few examples:

Four years into my PM career, I made this transition myself, moving from a generalist role to a growth role (driving Airbnb’s supply growth). I had a feeling that growth work would be super-interesting and that deepening those skills would pay off, so I made an effort to make the move. I’m really happy I did.

My approach to making this transition was simple—and I would suggest the same approach to you:

  1. Ask

  2. Learn

  3. Do

1. Ask

This probably sounds exceedingly obvious, but start by telling your manager you want this, e.g.

“Hey, manager, I just want to let you know that I’m really interested in product growth, and I want to get into a growth-focused role as soon as I can. What do I need to do to get there?”

This step alone was the primary reason I got the chance. My manager knew it was important to me, so when an opportunity arose (about six months later), they helped me grab it. Use the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon to your advantage.

And don’t just ask once. Keep telling them. Ask them to work together on a plan to get you there. I suggest starting by identifying the skills you’ll need to be successful in the role and then putting together a plan to build them while in your current role.

2. Learn

Next, get smart about growth. Here’s a lesson plan to get you started (maybe find a buddy and explore one topic a week):

1. Experimentation

2. Growth strategy

3. SEO

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