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How to unlock your product leadership skills | Ken Norton, Ex-Google

How to unlock your product leadership skills | Ken Norton, Ex-Google


Advancing as a product leader requires new skills and a new mindset. Ken Norton is an executive coach who works with some of the top people in product to help them get unstuck and find creativity again in their approach to problems and their careers. After 14 years as a Product Manager at Google, Ken brings deep experience in leadership and shares with us the lessons he most often offers his clients to unlock growth. Join us.

Find the full transcript here: https://www.podpage.com/lennys-podcast/how-to-unlock-your-product-leadership-skills-ken-norton-ex-google/#transcript

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Books and Resources Recommended By Ken:

Dare To Lead by Brene Brown 
15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership
Mastering Leadership by Bob Anderson
Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan
Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome
Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen 

In this episode, learn:

[00:00] What to expect in this episode with Ken Norton
[03:10] Why Ken will never get tired of donuts
[05:05] Ken’s career path and what he does with executive coaching now
[08:00] What Ken learned from his own executive coach
[12:02] Driving a car and the metaphor of learning a new skill
[16:20] How Ken’s helping leaders shift their mindset
[19:41] Creative vs reactive leadership mindset
[22:15] How your underlying beliefs impact your leadership style
[33:50] Mindset and authenticity and their role within leadership
[39:00] What you can do if you can’t spend a lot on coaching
[42:05] Resources Ken recommends (linked in notes)
[44:22] Biggest blindspots people have
[48:10] Why doing the hard thing, may be the best thing
[49:20] What to do with imposter syndrome
[58:40] Ways to find a coach
[1:01:03] 10x vs 10%
[1:05:35] Ken’s one piece of advice for hiring a product manager
[1:13:00] How to find Ken

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