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Humanizing product development | Adriel Frederick (Reddit, Lyft, Facebook)

Humanizing product development | Adriel Frederick (Reddit, Lyft, Facebook)


Adriel Frederick is VP of Product Management at Reddit X, where he helps incubate and scale new products. He is a former Product Lead at Facebook (where he was the first black PM), as well as a former PM and Director of Product at Lyft. In today’s episode we focus on what it takes to become a better product leader. Adriel shares anecdotes from his time at Lyft and Facebook, insights about how to lead through tough times, why there isn’t an algorithmic solution to everything, why R&D teams need to be a part of the core mission, the tangible benefits of working on diverse teams, and his thoughts on the future of AI. He also introduces the concept of “cannonballs” .

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In this episode, we cover:

(01:10) Adriel’s background

(02:22) What Adriel does at Reddit X

(03:57) Reddit X’s avatar marketplace and NFTs

(05:33) Why R&D teams need to be a part of the core mission

(12:53) What it’s like to be the first black PM at Facebook

(15:38) How to foster diversity

(18:49) Being a PM at controversial companies and how to evaluate criticism

(26:50) Adriel’s most stressful time at Lyft

(29:23) The importance of operational control and what it means

(32:20) Why there isn’t always an algorithmic solution to everything

(40:48) Thoughts on AI

(45:19) Growth hacking and algorithms at Facebook

(51:35) Cannonballs in growth—fundamental changes in the product for optimization

(52:42) Facebook’s 7 friends in 10 days push

(55:12) What is a marginal user and what can you learn from their experience?

(1:01:09) How to think about doing experiments

(1:05:15) Why organization and empathy are the most important skills 

(1:10:20) Lightning round

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