My favorite product management templates

1-Pagers, strategy, GTM and more

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Q: I’ve seen you share a few PM templates in the past. Do you have a place to find all of your favorite templates?

Now I do!

Below are all of my favorite templates and frameworks that I rely on. As a bonus, I asked the wonderful people of Twitter to share their favorites, from which I picked my favorites and included. Enjoy!

✍️ 1-Pagers / PRDs

  1. My personal 1-Pager template — How I start every project

  2. Kevin Yien’s PRD template (PM at Square) — Love this whole template, particularly the “Non-Goals” section, and the step-by-step flow

  3. Asana’s project brief template — Also love this whole template, particularly the problem statement framework

  4. Intercom’s story template — Love the simplicity, while still having everything you need to get started

  5. Product Hunt’s PRD template — Love the way it begins (Who, Why, What), though a bit long

  6. Adam Waxman’s PRD template (Design at SeatGeek) — Love 1-Pager summary section before it dives deep

  7. Steve Morin’s 1-pager template (EM at Asana) — Love the focus on success criteria and risks

  8. Figma’s PRD template — A super comprehensive plug-and-play template

  9. Adam Thomas’ initiative template — A reminder of how valuable it is to keep these to one page, at least to start

🤔 Strategy

  1. My business strategy template

  2. My team strategy template

  3. V2MOM template by Marc Benioff

  4. Amazon working backwards PR template by Ian McAllister

  5. How to define your product strategy by Gibson Biddle

🤩 Vision

  1. Product Vision Board by Roman Pichler

  2. Geoffrey Moore's positioning framework by Josh Smith

  3. The Ladder of Needs by Catherine (Kit) Ulrich

  4. Building a shared team vision by Google

  5. Product Vision FAQ by Marty Cagan

📢 Go-To-Market

  1. Launch strategy template by Pratik Mehta

  2. Marketing plan template by Michael Taylor

  3. GTM plan template by The Product Folks

👌 Other templates

  1. Roadmap template

  2. Performance review template

  3. Planning timeline template

🤤 Additional goodness

  1. Gokul's S.P.A.D.E. decision-making framework

  2. How we make decisions at Coinbase

  3. The Pyramid Principle

  4. “Jobs to Be Done” framework

  5. Eigenquestions: The Art of Framing Problems

  6. We Don’t Sell Saddles Here

  7. Business strategy concepts

  8. High Output Founders' Library

If you have any other amazing templates or frameworks that you regularly use, across product, marketing, eng, or design please shoot them over. I’ll use this post as a living document of the best product development templates.

That’s it for this week!

🙏 Thank you to these fine folks for sharing many of these templates: Adam, Aman, Dennis, Chris, Philippe, Pratik, Rob, Tato, Satya, Steve, Sree, Vindhya. Photo by Joanna Kosinska 🙏

🔥 Job opportunities

🧠 Inspiration for the week ahead

  1. Read: Unbundling Work from Employment by Li Jin

  2. Watch: Japanese skateboarder Isamu Yamamoto (via Mike Lewis)

  1. Watch: Transfiguration (via The Browser)

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