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The art of building legendary brands | Arielle Jackson (Google, Square, Marketer in Residence at First Round Capital)

The art of building legendary brands | Arielle Jackson (Google, Square, Marketer in Residence at First Round Capital)


What makes a great brand? After working at Google and Square, Arielle Jackson has spent the past eight years consulting startups on how to create powerful messaging that works. In this jam-packed episode, she shares how to pick a winning name for your company, create a brand purpose that excites your team and customers, and position your company and its products for success. You don’t want to miss this one!

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In this episode, we cover:

[04:04] From making jewelry as a side hustle, to launching products for Square: Arielle's background

[12:32] What makes a good name for a product or a startup

[19:17] How to come up with a great name

[24:59] How to run a naming brainstorm for the best results

[31:09] Bad names and naming mistakes

[34:17] Arielle's Brand development framework and when founder's should implement it

[36:02] How do you know when brand development is completed?

[41:17] How long should branding take?

[42:42] How to build a brand purpose that ignites excitement

[48:51] Specific tactics for building your brand purpose

[51:12] How to master your positioning

[55:22] Why it's important to stay niche when you're mastering your positioning

[59:15] The process of positioning and Arielle's bar test

[1:02:38] How to build a brand personality using the five big brand descriptions

[1:07:39] Where to put brand and product positioning documents so they'll actually get used

[1:09:14] How startups can get PR

[1:14:49] When should you hire a marketer?

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