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The essence of product management | Christian Idiodi (SVPG)

The essence of product management | Christian Idiodi (SVPG)


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Christian Idiodi is a partner at Silicon Valley Product Group. After a long product career and founding multiple companies, Christian now spends his time working closely with product leaders at companies big and small to implement and improve their discipline of product management. In today’s episode, we discuss:
• Why there’s often a negative perception of product managers, and how we can fix this
• The four attributes of a product manager’s job: value, usability, viability, and feasibility
• The power of finding reference customers
• How Christian developed a process for high-volume hiring to help companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks
• Tactical tips for coaching, building relationships, and building trust as a leader

Some takeaways:

  1. A PM’s job is to build products that are valuable, usable, viable, and feasible.

  2. Finding reference customers is the fastest path to achieving product-market fit. Find 6 to 8 B2B customers, or 15 to 25 B2C customers, and make something they are willing to recommend to other people. Also, consider their interest in engaging with you as a demand signal.

  3. People perceive product management negatively if they haven’t worked with great product managers.

  4. Getting promoted too early often causes the person to fail. This is the fault of the manager, not the person being promoted.

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Where to find Christian Idiodi:

• X: https://twitter.com/CIdiodi

• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cidiodi/

• Website: https://www.svpg.com/

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• Newsletter: https://www.lennysnewsletter.com

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Christian’s background

(03:56) The negative perception of product managers

(07:58) How to become a PM people want to work with

(11:30) The definition of a product manager

(14:46) Where new PMs fail

(16:59) Reference customers: what they are and why they are so important

(24:05) A quick summary of how to build a product that people want and love

(26:44) How to determine product-market fit

(29:54) The benefits of this approach

(34:11) Real examples of using reference customers

(40:06) Doing things that don’t scale

(48:40) How to get better at coaching and build trust with leaders

(55:53) The fastest way to build trust

(01:00:01) What to do in the absence of good coaching

(01:02:51) How to get into product management

(01:04:16) The pitfalls of early promotions

(01:11:11) How to train someone for a promotion before giving the promotion

(01:13:30) How to find a good coach

(01:14:40) Christian’s product work in Africa

(01:21:22) The importance of passion and empathy in product work

(01:22:54) Lightning round


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