Where Great Product Roadmap Ideas Come From

The fifteen best ways to inspire new ideas, and three to avoid

  1. Talking to customers 👂️

  2. Talking to employees who talk to customers (e.g. sales, customer support, marketing) 🤗

  3. Observing your customers, through data and user research 🧐

  4. Spending quality time with previous data dives and user research 🔬

  5. Using the product yoursel️f 🕵️‍♀️

  6. Thinking in a quiet place 🤔

  7. Having small discussions with teammates 💁‍♂️

  8. Working backwards from your long-term vision 🤩

  9. Looking into what caused users to churn 📉

  10. Looking at competitors 👀

  11. Looking at adjacent markets 😏

  12. Looking at analogous businesses in completely different markets 🔭

  13. Creating user journey storyboards 🎞

  14. Having hackathons and watching the demos 👩‍💻

  15. Catching technology shifts 📱

Where great ideas rarely come from:

  1. Large brainstorms — bad source for big new ideas, but has other benefits such as getting everyone on the team involved in the process 🎯

  2. Staying heads down for too long — give yourself space to go big and wide on occasion 🙃

  3. Copying what your competition is doing — don’t assume they actually know what they are doing 😝

If there’s anything missing that you’ve found valuable, I’d genuinely love to hear it. Tweet me or leave a comment below.



Thank you to everyone who contributed your great suggestions on this twitter thread, particularly Gustaf AlströmerAlistair CrollBlake RobbinsCarey CaulfieldLin ClassonJustin JonesHenry Vazquez, and Jatin Bhatia 🙏