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This is a GOLD MINE. Most marketplaces need to have supply drive demand (reach out to targeted strangers) or solve a problem that a specific community cares about (go where your customers are).

My business is a marketplace for auto services that helps users find a good price from a trusted shop. The problem I have is that my supply (auto shops) isn't incentivized to drive demand by sending their customers to my platform. From a community perspective, women love the product once they use it, but auto services isn't a topic women communities care to talk about. And most car enthusiasts already have a solution. The only effective way I've figured out to go to my customers is to put business cards on people's cars.

If anyone has any advice/thoughts, it's much appreciated :) There is a big opportunity in the market and I'm trying to crack it. Would love to discuss more

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Wow, fantastic article! I’m going to feature this in my newsletter. Thanks for writing it!

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Amazing series! Keep going and thanks for sharing!

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legitimately one of the best articles written for consumer startups that have launched. This needs to be everywhere.

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Really appreciate that Ben. That’s very much my goal with these.

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