This was excellent. Thank you Elena for writing this. Very useful framework - and shared with the founders I support. In particular, I liked the growth model and how you define it in terms of the levers and motions. Also do appreciate in the indepth breakdown you provide, as well as how you dissect the 3 levers in further (e.g., activation, engagement and resurrection for retention lever).

If at all I have a (minor) crib, it is in terms of how you view and define product market fit / PMF:) The way you have defined PMF - "they have correctly proved a compelling value hypothesis that describes why a customer is likely to use the product" - i would see as limiting the definition of PMF. PMarca's original post as well as other interpretations (Michael Seibel et al) see PMF not just at the point when the product solves the customer problem effectively (what i would say as the product to problem fit) but also has a predictable, repeatable, unit-positive/profitable growth machine. e.g., see https://twitter.com/dunkhippo33/status/1153780814888357889 for a tweet thread on this. I would say PMF is achieved when you have a working growth model in place - else you would never achieve a flattened retention curve (another sign of PMF - e.g., Brian Balfour - https://brianbalfour.com/essays/product-market-fit).

But this is not to take away from your excellent post, a certain addition to the growth canon / essential readings list. Bravo!

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@Sajith Pai - solid feedback - I agree with your point of view. And this is exactly why I'm not PMF expert, but a growth expert :)

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