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Thank you for this insightful article on how to win the first 10 B2B customers. I found your strategies around product-market fit, finding early adopters, and offering free trials to be particularly useful. As a fellow blogger trying to better serve my readers and attract clients, I benefited greatly from your advice.

For example, your point about focusing on long-term value rather than quick revenue resonated with me. I recently turned down a potential client that wanted me to write low-quality, repetitive content just for SEO. While it would have been fast money, I want to keep my standards high.

From my experience, I agree video and podcasts are great additional formats beyond blog posts for content marketing. Different mediums can draw in new audiences and expand reach.

I also found your emphasis on relationship building over one-off transactions important for B2B. If possible, I try to actively engage readers and provide ongoing value to gradually build brand loyalty.

Overall, thank you for generously sharing your learnings. As fellow content creators, we can inspire each other to continuously improve. I welcome any constructive feedback you may have on my perspectives as well. Let's work together to take content creation to new heights!

I hope we can continue this fruitful dialogue, and that others may join in too.

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