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A sampling of past posts

📈 Growth strategy

  1. How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users

  2. How the fastest-growing B2B businesses found their first 10 customers

  3. Improving retention

  4. Improving conversion

  5. Increasing virality

  6. Winning at content-driven growth

  7. Winning at SEO

  8. The Racecar Growth Framework

  9. Magical growth loops

  10. Flywheels, flywheels, flywheels

🤌 Product management, the work

  1. Getting better at product strategy

  2. My favorite product management templates

  3. Prioritizing a roadmap

  4. Getting buy-in

  5. Where great product roadmap ideas come from

  6. The Minto Pyramid Principle and the SCR framework

  7. What Buddhism taught me about product management

🦸‍♀️ Product management, the career

  1. How to get into product management (and thrive)

  2. Should I become a product manager?

  3. Becoming a senior product manager

  4. My favorite PM interview questions

  5. 14 habits of highly effective product managers

  6. How to know if you’re doing a good job as a product manager

  7. When to hire your first product manager

  8. Surviving as the first product manager

  9. Moving from IC product manager to manager of product managers

  10. A comprehensive survey of product management

  11. Product management career ladders

  12. Startup PM vs. big-company PM

🔭 Finding product-market fit

  1. How to know if you’ve got product-market fit

  2. What it feels like when you’ve found product-market fit

  3. How long it takes to find product-market fit

  4. What to ask your users about product-market fit

📣 Marketing and GTM

  1. Positioning

  2. Generating buzz

  3. Finding your distribution advantage

  4. How people discover new products

  5. Pricing your SaaS product

🌱 Scaling your startup

  1. A playbook for fundraising

  2. The secret to a great planning process

  3. Increasing team velocity

  4. Layering sales onto a bottom-up self-serve product

  5. Winning at early-stage hiring

  6. Healing your co-founder relationship

  7. What seven years at Airbnb taught me about building a business

  8. Building a referrals program

🎭 Marketplaces

  1. How to kickstart and scale a marketplace business

  2. How marketplaces win

  3. How marketplaces fail

  4. Evaluating a (marketplace) business idea

  5. Choosing a take rate

  6. Kickstarting supply in a labor marketplace

📊 Metrics

  1. What is good retention?

  2. Choosing your north-star metric

  3. Setting goals

  4. The most important consumer subscription metrics to track

  5. The most important bottom-up SaaS metrics to track

💼 Management and career

  1. Navigating your early career

  2. Performance reviews

  3. Managing up

  4. On taking time off

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