Lenny’s Newsletter Slack Community

The Friends of Lenny’s Newsletter Slack Community is an online community open exclusively to paid subscribers of Lenny’s Newsletter. There are over 15,000+ members globally, primarily made up of product managers, growth leaders, and founders.

Within the community, you’ll find:

  • Real-talk conversations about product, growth, career, and startup building

  • Mentor/mentee matching program, book clubs, mastermind groups, AMAs, and live workshops

  • Monthly real-life meetups across five continents and dozens of countries 👇

Photos from community meetups around the world

If you’re a paid subscriber and don’t know how to get into the Slack, check your welcome email. If you can’t find it, send a message to slack@lennyrachitsky.com from the email address you’re subscribed with.

P.S. Want to sponsor the global meetups? Email meetup@lennyrachitsky.com to learn more.