Sitemap - 2020 - Lenny's Newsletter

2020 Year in Review – Issue 58

🤩 Community Wisdom: Leaving your job without another gig lined up, running user interviews, creative job descriptions, making sure everyone knows the vision and mission, and much more

A comprehensive survey of Product Management

🤩 Community Wisdom: Increasing your team’s velocity, calculating CAC, negotiating equity, interview questions, PM titles, Marty Cagan, and much more

How to run SEO experiments – Issue 56

Ideal sprint length, designer vs. PM roles, running PM team meetings, running post-mortems, best product/executive coaches, and much more

Generating buzz

SEO keywords, career ladders, backlog tools, copywriting, OnlyFans, AMA with Pete Kazanjy and much more

When NOT to run an experiment – Issue 54

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 11

The Transition: Layering sales onto a bottom-up self-serve product

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 10

Magical growth loops

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 9

Startup PM vs. big company PM

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 8

Managing up

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 7

Pricing your SaaS product

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 6

The most important bottom-up SaaS metrics to track

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 5

Moving from IC product manager to manager of product managers

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 4

Top 5 most interesting things about's early growth strategy – Issue 46

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 3

What it feels like when you've found product-market fit

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 2

Fostering a culture of experimentation

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 1

When to hire your first product manager

Getting better at product strategy

A playbook for fundraising

How to increase your product's retention

Flywheels, flywheels, flywheels

Navigating your early career

My favorite product management templates

How today's fastest-growing B2B startups turned their early users into paying customers

Autonomy vs. direction - Issue 35

Winning at SEO

How today's fastest growing B2B businesses found their first ten customers

Surviving reorgs, tactically and emotionally - Issue 32

Evaluating a (marketplace) business idea

One team, one roadmap - Issue 30

What is good retention

What to ask your users about Product-Market Fit

Prioritizing conversion opportunities

Communicating bad news - Issue 26

How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users

Surviving as the first product manager

Setting goals

Using your working time well - Issue 22

Strategy and tactics for increasing conversion

This newsletter is growing up 🌱

Leading your company through a pandemic - Issue 20

Leading a PM team meeting - Issue 19

Productivity in the time of Corona 🦠 - Issue 18

Turning around an underperforming team - Issue 17

Building a referrals program

This Week #15: When should a SaaS startup raise money 💰

This Week #14: Transitioning from startup founder to product manager

This Week #13: Balancing outcome-thinking with design and technical requirements ⚖️

This Week #12: Expanding your business internationally 🌏

How to know if you've got product-market fit

This Week #11: What should new PMs over-index on, and empowering product in a sales-driven org

This Week #10: Keeping designers and engineers excited about metrics + Transitioning from DS to PM 🕺

This Week #9: Breaking into growth, leading with influence, and (not) stepping on toes 🦶