Sitemap - 2020 - Lenny's Newsletter

2020 Year in Review – Issue 58

🤩 Community Wisdom: Leaving your job without another gig lined up, running user interviews, creative job descriptions, making sure everyone knows the vision and mission, and much more

A comprehensive survey of Product Management

🤩 Community Wisdom: Increasing your team’s velocity, calculating CAC, negotiating equity, interview questions, PM titles, Marty Cagan, and much more

How to run SEO experiments

Ideal sprint length, designer vs. PM roles, running PM team meetings, running post-mortems, best product/executive coaches, and much more

Generating buzz

SEO keywords, career ladders, backlog tools, copywriting, OnlyFans, AMA with Pete Kazanjy and much more

When NOT to run an experiment – Issue 54

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 11

The Transition: Layering sales onto a bottom-up self-serve product

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 10

Magical growth loops

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 9

Startup PM vs. big company PM

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 8

Managing up

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 7

Pricing your SaaS product

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 6

The most important bottom-up SaaS metrics to track

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 5

Moving from IC product manager to manager of product managers

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 4

Top 5 most interesting things about's early growth strategy – Issue 46

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 3

What it feels like when you've found product-market fit

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 2

Fostering a culture of experimentation

🤩 Community wisdom – Issue 1

When to hire your first product manager

Getting better at product strategy

A playbook for fundraising

How to increase your product's retention

Flywheels, flywheels, flywheels

Navigating your early career

My favorite product management templates

How today's fastest-growing B2B startups turned their early users into paying customers

Autonomy vs. direction - Issue 35

Winning at SEO

How today's fastest growing B2B businesses found their first ten customers

Surviving reorgs, tactically and emotionally - Issue 32

Evaluating a (marketplace) business idea

One team, one roadmap - Issue 30

What is good retention?

What to ask your users about Product-Market Fit

Prioritizing conversion opportunities

Communicating bad news - Issue 26

How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users

Joining as the first product manager

Setting goals

Using your working time well - Issue 22

Strategy and tactics for increasing conversion

This newsletter is growing up 🌱

Leading your company through a pandemic - Issue 20

Leading a PM team meeting - Issue 19

Productivity in the time of Corona 🦠 - Issue 18

Turning around an underperforming team - Issue 17

Building a referrals program

This Week #15: When should a SaaS startup raise money 💰

This Week #14: Transitioning from startup founder to product manager

This Week #13: Balancing outcome-thinking with design and technical requirements ⚖️

This Week #12: Expanding your business internationally 🌏

How to know if you've got product-market fit

This Week #11: What should new PMs over-index on, and empowering product in a sales-driven org

This Week #10: Keeping designers and engineers excited about metrics + Transitioning from DS to PM 🕺

This Week #9: Breaking into growth, leading with influence, and (not) stepping on toes 🦶