Sitemap - 2023 - Lenny's Newsletter

🧠 Community wisdom: How to reject candidates well, joining a startup as a PM, vetting growth agencies, pricing a pilot, announcing an org reshuffle, and much more

Navigating comms and PR | Lulu Cheng Meservey (Substack, Activision Blizzard)

How Duolingo builds product

Competing with giants: An inside look at how The Browser Company builds product | Josh Miller (CEO)

🧠 Community Wisdom: Building processes as a first PM, B2B product management, product designer's job vs. product manager, setting up analytics, onboarding new hires, and much more

The ultimate guide to OKRs | Christina Wodtke (Stanford)

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Growth ideas

Hot takes and techno-optimism from tech’s top power couple | Sriram and Aarthi

🧠 Community Wisdom: Announcement + Transferring internally into PM, dealing with micromanagement, surviving as the first PM, developing relationship with EMs, interviewing, and much more

Career frameworks, A/B testing mistakes, counterintuitive onboarding tips, selling to developers | Laura Schaffer (VP of Growth at Amplitude)

Discussion: What’s your favorite product and why?

Lessons from scaling Stripe | Claire Hughes Johnson (ex-COO of Stripe)

🧠 Community Wisdom: Pros and cons of being the first PM, explaining a short job tenure, Linkedin’s open to work badge, finding the root cause of UX issues, and much more

Lessons from working with 600+ YC startups | Gustaf Alströmer (Y Combinator, Airbnb)

How Duolingo reignited user growth

Behind the scenes of Calendly’s rapid growth | Annie Pearl (CPO)

🧠 Community Wisdom: Influencing company strategy, product roadmap tools, how to evaluate job offers, when qualitative and quantitative don’t tell the same story, SaaS sales podcast, and more

An inside look at how CNN builds product | Upasna Gautam

How to be prepared for layoffs

10 lessons on bootstrapping a $200m business | Patrick Campbell (ProfitWell)

🧠 Community Wisdom: Ageism in tech, risks and rewards of personal branding, how to think about positioning, the best SQL courses, defining moats for early stage startups, and much more

Understanding the role of product ops | Christine Itwaru (Pendo)

Growth inflections

Mastering onboarding | Lauryn Isford (Head of Growth at Airtable)

🧠 Community Wisdom: Does the team even need me, avoiding burning out, the value of PM certificates, validating wedges, managing founder conflicts, and much more

Leading with empathy | Keith Yandell (DoorDash, Uber)

I built a Lenny chatbot using GPT-3. Here’s how to build your own.

AI and product management | Marily Nika (Meta, Google)

🧠 Community Wisdom: User research for PMs, how to say no to feature requests, giving UI/UX feedback to designers, product updates at a board meeting, and much more

How to foster innovation and big thinking | Eeke de Milliano (Retool, Stripe)

How Coda builds product

Lessons from Airtable’s unconventional growth strategy | Zoelle Egner

🧠 Community Wisdom: Strategy vs. OKRs, being intentional about your career, skills to focus on as a new PM, and more

An inside look at Mixpanel’s product journey | Vijay Iyengar (Head of Product)

Discussion: What’s one change you've made to your product development process in the past year that’s had the most impact on your team’s success?

🧠 Community Wisdom: Better sprint demo meetings, struggling with ADHD, understanding what agile really means, structuring product teams around product areas vs. user journeys, and more

Building your product strategy stack | Ravi Mehta (Tinder, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Outpace)

Five steps to starting your product-led growth motion, part 2

What differentiates the highest-performing product teams | John Cutler (Amplitude, The Beautiful Mess)

🧠 Community Wisdom: Importance of titles, effectively working with OKRs, root cause analysis, bringing up parental leave in interviews, working backwards, and much more

How to price your product | Naomi Ionita (Menlo Ventures)

Five steps to starting your product-led growth motion

An inside look at how Figma builds product | Yuhki Yamashita (CPO of Figma)

🧠 Community Wisdom: Leading product pre-PMF, favorite resources for a new manager, tracking your impact, scaling customer support, and much more

Leveraging mentors to uplevel your career | Jules Walter (YouTube, Slack)

Virality is a myth (mostly)